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Simplify Product Licensing Formulas

Curt Overpect, CIO, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
Curt Overpect, CIO, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Curt Overpect, CIO, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Steering transformational initiatives within your business environment that typically required IT

We are currently in process with major programs to replace our core insurance operation system, that being our claims, policy management and billing system. This is a major investment; it’s a multi-year program as well as a transformational program that will move us to a new generation of Insurance operational system with a well integrated processing platform that should meet our strategic needs for the years to come.

Things you have done to elevate IT’s relationship with the business

We have put an increase emphasis on transparency of IT, meaning specifically cost of IT, allocation of IT resources. We have supported that with an internal charge out system which we have implemented only in part at this point.

Manner in which data is used to head off problems and complications before they happen

We have put an emphasis on analytics that will help us in the event of a hurricane, here in the state of Florida. We have increasingly used GIS technology so that we can have predictive analytics on resources that will be needed to respond to various hurricane scenarios.

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier

We have made a commitment to integration strategies, utilizing SOA tools and if the vendors could provide more ‘out of the box’ support for integration application using SOA tools, this would be a huge plus.

Simplify product licensing formulas to assure best value to the client and make sure that formulas for licensing are well understood and easy to administer.

Technology trends impacting Enterprise Business Environment

We are in the era of Mobile, Cloud and Tablets. I think there is a general expectation from all types of customers certainly in the property/ casualty insurance industry to have access to information and to be able to conduct transaction anywhere they want. I think that’s definitely a trend that companies need to be responsive to.

My Roles and Responsibilities

There is higher expectation for CIOs to participate at the executive table in the company, to demonstrate business acumen and to be able to provide leadership on how technology can be utilized to achieve business goals. Beyond being responsive to needs presented to me, the expectation is that I’m out in front in a leadership role; understand business goals and offering options and demonstrating leadership to help achieve results.

Lessons learned and advice to fellow CIOs

We have to be able to assure that the IT investment is being directed to business priorities. Focus on transparency, making sure that the executives and even down to mid-management of the company understands where the IT dollar is spent, how it supports the business.

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