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Hakan Karden, Marketing Director, Eurostep Group
Hakan Karden, Marketing Director, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Eurostep Group</a>

Hakan Karden, Marketing Director, Eurostep Group

Eurostep has during the last two decades supported blue-chip clients to implement security and protection of intellectual property to product information that is shared across companies.

This experience and knowledge are now offered in the following pre-packaged solutions, based on the ShareAspace platform, as well as services with the objective to instantly add value to your business. With the packaging and underlying architecture, time to use and cost can be drastically reduced compared to designing bespoke or highly customized solutions. The ShareAspace platform is a state-of-the-art COTS software that can cater, store and share detailed information about products over its complete lifecycle.

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing – A SaaS cloud collaboration solution for contract manufacturing

What we’ve added in the SaaS cloud version of ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing are the unique viewpoints of all the persons that have to communicate this type of information with their supply chain, e.g. Sourcing Managers, Purchasers, Engineers or Quality managers. Their work currently consists of trying to administer emails, drawings, specifications or contracts that are all stored in different internal locations. Imagine putting together a coherent package to a number of suppliers and then keeping it up to date when engineering continuously publishes changes to the core product.

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing bring order to the communication between an OEM and its suppliers. We do this by having full control of your product information down to the detailed level found only in internal PLM- or ERP systems. However, In ShareAspace you only store the information relevant for the collaboration with your suppliers to maximise the important knowledge transfer while at the same time minimise the exposure of core information that is not necessary for this particular supplier.

In a recent release of our SaaS offering we have added the possibility to do full text search of all content and preview 2D and office documents as well as all major 3D CAD formats available. This take away the hassle, not to mention the cost, of having to install different CAD systems when reviewing and commenting on the specifications supplied. In our new Partner portal, purchasers or Quality managers get a full overview of all information shared with each supplier and can easily monitor their performance.

ShareAspace Export Control–Enabling the sharing of regulated product data across global value chains

Many countries have Export Control Regulations in place to protect their capabilities, both in commerce and defence from falling into "the wrong hands". Such regulations place restrictions on who can have access to both physical parts and associated information such as design specifications, drawings, manuals, and technical publications. The regulations are enforced, and in the case of ITAR regulations from the US, the consequences of violating the regulations carry significant penalties. Recent violations resulting in multi-million-dollar fines and issues to further conduct business.

Consequently, particular attention needs to be paid to the regulations when sharing data between companies. The challenge is to ensure that all data that is subject to Export Control is identified, labelled as such and then that it appropriately controlled, i.e. accessible to those with an approved need and not accessible to anyone else.

ShareAspace Export Control addresses this challenge. It is designed to manage information associated with physical items that are subject to export control regulations and other licence restrictions and enables the data to be shared between organizations within the constraints of export control licences and regulations. Hence organizations can share export-controlled data with their suppliers and their suppliers can reciprocate whilst adhering to the regulations.

Eurostep Services –Committed to provide the highest level of quality & true business value for our customers.

When it comes to implementing our solutions into your business, our dedicated team are ready to assist you with professional services to undertake the mission to bring you up to speed as fast as possible and maximize the value of your investment.

Our service catalogue provides all from on-boarding packages, integration with your PLM- or ERP systems, to service level agreements designed to sustain and develop your successful supply chain collaborations.

Once your suppliers are onboarded, we can help you to identify the most important performance indicators and provide you with the dashboard that allows you to monitor the KPI’s while both the efficiency of your supply chain collaborations is improved and your licenced data is kept under export control regulations.