BLDG25, Experience Design for the Next Paradigm

Chauncey Zalkin, VP of Marketing & Story, BLDG25
Chauncey Zalkin, VP of Marketing & Story, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>BLDG25</a>

Chauncey Zalkin, VP of Marketing & Story, BLDG25

BLDG25 is a wholly unique experience design firm. We bring together three distinct areas of expertise: exploratory and creative game design, the latest research in behavioral science, and enterprise level product management, all giving us a unique vantage point for solving the most pressing big business challenges through innovative and immersive technology solutions. Our clients are executive level product managers and tech and innovation leaders in large enterprises looking to make the most of big data and emerging tech for a competitive advantage and seamless transition into this next era of digital transformation.

Our multi-disciplinary consultancy has transformed experiences for large enterprise leaders including Raytheon, Caterpillar, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Martin Marietta, and Fidelity Investments as well as prestigious institutions like Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill. Our specialty is solving problems within highly complex business environments, ones that will be pivotal to shaping our business future, from cybersecurity to Factory 4.0 to FinTech to HealthTech.

While we have the best of emerging tech at our fingertips, we have a tech agnostic philosophy. BLDG25 never employ techs ‘for tech’s sake’ but instead selects technology targeted to the problem. Our solutions range from AI, VR, blockchain and IoT to best in class stacks applied to enterprise platforms that seamlessly integrate with legacy networks and are intuitive to use. Our same side of the table understanding of the complexities of the enterprise allows us to navigate regulatory, budgetary, policy, and legal concerns while providing truly differentiated outcomes for our clients.

In the latest news at BLDG25, we are in the final stages of an exciting rebrand with a brand-new identity that reflects our immersive approach, our game DNA and behavioral science lens as well as the business gravitas we bring to the table. We are a company for the times. We are solving challenges that will define the businesses of tomorrow. We’re excited to be partners transforming business for the next paradigm.