Cms As Part Of Efforts To Boost Business
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Cms As Part Of Efforts To Boost Business

Stepan Kares, VP Information Technology, IT & Operations,Home Credit Indonesia
Stepan Kares, VP Information Technology, IT & Operations,Home Credit Indonesia

Stepan Kares, VP Information Technology, IT & Operations,Home Credit Indonesia

Getting less relevant information in your mailbox or perhaps going through web contents that are just all over the place will no longer become a problem. Content Management System (CMS) has helped in delivering the right amount of content to the targeted customers, and this has now been fully launched in Home Credit Indonesia.

Because of this technology, customers will no longer have to go through the hassle of finding what they need on the company’s digital ecosystem, as things will be presented in a manner that perfectly fits their needs.

The CMS that is currently running in Home Credit Indonesia is the best suitable option for a business of Home Credit Indonesia’s nature and is a product of brainstorming by all the relevant divisions. It is different now, it is much easier to manage, and the user interface is user friendly that will allow users to easily flow into the system.

The CMS system allowsworkplace collaboration to create and manage digital content through a single and integrated gate. The current CMS runs an improved and refined application than that used before. It allows the business to produce contents through a user-friendly interface, and easily match the contents with any customer and any platform (web, mobile app, email).

A similar kind of application runs in Home Credit’s US, Russia and China offices.

Since this is a third-party application,there is little worriesabout storage as everything is cloud-based and is provided by the third party, allowing teams to just focus on creating as many contents as they need.

done rightly and properly, CMS will initiate and enable great changes in a
customer’s journey


Coupled with customers’ data analyses, the systems will understand the trends of customers, such as their searching patterns or viewed sections on the website, and send and display them contents that are perfectly relevant.

With all its potentials to improve the business, however, there are some caveats. The CMS will not achieve its optimumuse unless filled with the best contents. The IT team has prepared what is currently the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art “kitchen”, but they are the related functions and team members that must be able to “cook the food”.

IT provides the architecture, infrastructure, and new technology to create what is needed for critical usage functions that need to be “cooked” in order to commence a domino effect that supports the business. The team is highly encouraged to utilize the features that the CMS system has to offer, and in return, IT will support and work together to monitor and utilize any new technologies that will help improve the business.

The CMS is a new generation of the system, and has not yet reached its full potential. However, if done rightly and properly, this super tool will initiate and enable great changes in a customer’s journey.

The new system has tons of features, however so much that the IT team itself admits that its team as whole will need time to fully understand how they will utilize them. Obviously, the system – what Home Credit Indonesia sees as a super tool – is new, and it will take time to implement everything. But what is also obvious is that positive changes will come in the near future.

Since the new CMS implementation, various relevant teams, especially the marketing managers, are responsible for training their teams on how to use this application.Customersare expected to have improved customers experience in the upcoming months and in return, improve the quality of business and services.

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